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October 2016 marks the date that this Acer Chromebook hit the market with its 360 degree, fan-less design.

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an unknown to me wifi and printer are in my available networks when i

When I wake my chrome book up and select wireless network I consistently see a ‘tplink2020’ network with good reception along with my router’s standard WiFi, it’s 5g WiFi and my hp direct printer. But it’s only there for a second or two then it disappears. I’m too far from my neighbors to get such a good signal from them and I don’t have any other WiFi devices. What could this be?

edit- this morning there was a different hp direct printer WiFi in the networks. It disappeared just like the tplink2020 did.

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If a router's SSID shows up in your network list, then you are in it's range. A decent router (802.11ac or 802.11ax) should have a range of 820 feet, a little longer than the average length of a city block.

A printer can show up in your list of available networks if it has “ad hoc" capabilities, meaning it can form a peer-to-peer network with other devices without a router or switch in between.

If you are close to a router, then its SSID shouldn't keep appearing/disappearing from your network list. The tplink2020 SSID may come and go because of its distance.

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