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In my display corner pinkish and purple colour are showing aside

In my Samsung M30s suddenly at corner side pinkish and purple colour is showing and in morning it was small but it starts growing after sometime please help me stop me and tell me what should i do about it and why is it suddenly appearing

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It is hard to say what is going on without seeing pictures of the issue so if you could provide them that would be great, but if I had to make a guess, I would say that something has caused the LCD to crack, even if the glass isn’t broken the LCD can still be damaged. It sounds just like most other LCD cracks I have seen. You can try opening the phone up, disconnecting the battery, and re-seating the display connector, then putting it back together, but will not help if there is physical damage.

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The screen might be damaged and te amoled liquid is spreading in the screen. You have to replace the screen.

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Hey Sneha,

Its an display damage symptom most OLED panels tend turn pink and gets darker,

Its better to backup up your device and look out for OEM Display replacement.

Kindly feel free to reach out!



This is a very common issue with samsung AMOLED display. This starts with a really small dot (in my case pink) which spreads to the whole screen within a couple of weeks and then the screen would die.

The company will give you all the lame excuses that the screen would have bee pressed or phone has fallen. But in my case the phone didn't even had a single scratch and never had a fall.

The display was not available at the service centre which was quoted for INR 5500/- (DISPLAY + LABOUR).

I was forced to get it repaired outside from cashify which gives 1month of accidental damage warranty and 5 months of standard display warranty for INR 3500/-. The display lasted for exactly 6months and 1 day & died.

Again got the screen replaced from a local shop in Karol Bagh (Delhi) for INR 2500/-.

I didn't have a pleasant experience with Samsung Service or even Cashify.

This issue doesn't have a solution except for screen replacement, which would cost you around 1/3rd of the phone's actual cost, i.e. more than the phone's resale value.

I bought a new phone and I'm using it as my second/backup phone.


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