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Battery charge level not changing after replacement.

I decided to replace the battery in my Lenovo android tablet. I obtained one through Amazon and carefully installed it. It seemed to work fine, but the charge level never seemed to change from 57% if it was in use or on charge. Eventually it just died and I could not get any response from my tablet (even on charge).

I replaced the battery with my original one and that is now behaving in the same way - but permanently showing 50%.

Yes it was working fine before (though needed recharging every couple of hours).

And yes I have done a factory reset- still saying 50%

I have cleaned and carefully checked the battery contacts, and ensured the connector is fully engaged.

Any suggestions?

Most googling comes up suggesting the micro USB port is faulty - but this would not explain why the level indicator does not go down from 50% when in use!

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Try checking the health of your battery with the AccuBattery app at

See if there are any pending software updates for the tablet, as well.

If AccuBattery reports that your battery is fine, and your software is up-to-date, then try changing your charging cable first, then the charging port.

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Yes I tried Accubattery. I was using it before and it is why I decided to change the battery (it claimed the original battery was down to 36% capacity). However it now won't work - claiming that it cannot measure the current! It reports 0ma usage even when it is being used. I think this is more than just a charging problem, though the tablet seems to be working fine it seems not to be able to monitor current flow.

Another detail - with the charger plugged in it has the charging graphic but the red light is on (previously only on when battery was virtually dead) and it remains at 50%.


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