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Repair and disassembly information for the Logitech MX Master 2S wireless mouse. Released in 2017 and identified by model numbers M-R0066, 910-005131, 910-005139, 910-005839, or 910-005965.

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Side scrollwheel no longer working after disassembly

I took my MX Master 2S apart from cleaning and everything went well.

Sadly a new issue arose when putting it back together.

When i attach the cable for the side scrollwheel/button, the sensor stops working - the mouse no longer moves on the screen.

The mouse works perfectly without this cable attached, but i sadly loose the ability to use the side scrollwheel that way.

Has somebody else experienced this issue aswell?

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So after all, the gesture button (where your thumb rests on) was constantly pressing the gesture function of the mouse, deactivating mouse movement.

Looking further into the “constantly pressing Gesture Button” issue, i found out that it seems to be a quite common defect.

While some people seem to just cut of the button entirely, you can also deactivate the Gesture function completely in the Logitech options software.

Turning the Gesture Button PCB around fixes the issue completely and retains functionality, i found it out by trial and error.

I hope this can help someone else in the future aswell, the plastic mechanism holding the rubber away from the button seems to weaken over the years.

Anyways, thanks for the help, iFixit is the best :)

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thats so great to hear! glad you were able to troubleshoot and figure this out ! good job!


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if u plug the ribbon cable back in and then the sensor stops working, that sounds like a ground somewhere.

check both ends of the cable. make sure the pins are good and not bent or broken on it. also look around the components on the board for any burnt\scorched spots.

what did you clean it with? did u let it dry (if something wet was used) before powering it back up?

better yet did u remove the power source from it?

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Thank you for the answer!

I will check the cable again closely.

I cleaned it dry and remove the power source, yes.


@Baroon also be sure to look inside the connector for any bent pins you might need a magnifying glass of some kind


I sadly can not find any visible flaw with the connector or the cable itself.

The side scroll wheel works flawless while connected, only the optical sensor does not work while connected. I will try to look for other potential damages.


@Baroon maybe try and take some clear pictures. others might be able to look at them and see a problem


@logixal I found the issue!

After disassembling the upper half completely and the mouse suddenly working with the upper PCB attached, i had hope that it was not the cable/connector after all.

It turns out the "thumb button" was screwed in a little to tight and was triggering the "gesture" command through the software the whole time, deactivating the optical sensor.

Thank you so much for your help!

Fixed :)


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Had exactly the same issue here (optical sensor stopped working out of nowhere). It turned out that the "thumb button" was screwed in a little to tight and started triggering the "gesture" command through the software the whole time, deactivating the optical sensor. I disassembled the mouse and untightened a bit the "thumb button". Problem solved. :)

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