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How do I put the swivel top back onto the aluminum screwdriver?

Hi I have an Ifixit aluminum driver with the swivel top coming loose and it's the second one I've gotten and happened to both of them so how do i prevent it from happening or fix it?

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I had this happen on a few of ours. Bearings were fine, just seems like the top is pressed over the bearing and it wears loose after a while. I just put a thin layer of jb weld (doesn’t need to be this, just what I had) around the inside of the cap and pushed it back on, let it dry for about an hour and bam. Never had one come off after doing that, just make sure you don’t put too much of whatever adhesive you are using on there, you don’t want it squishing over onto the bits that need to move at it could cause it to lock up.

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