My Voyage won’t charge properly.

My Voyage won’t charge properly.

The original symptom was the Kindle was fully charged, but the battery charge literally went from full to zero in under an hour, with the LED blinking orange even when plugged in.

A blinking orange light is known as an aborted charge, usually indicating a bad battery or cable. It’s neither.

Initially I thought it was a bad battery and replaced it. The new battery had a factory charge, and the Voyage booted right up. Unfortunately in about an hour, I was back to square one - the battery was completely drained, and the Kindle was blinking orange again when charging - on USB (connected to a computer) or the original factory plug.

Anyone have suggestions? My kid’s Kindle Voyage (wifi only - mine is 3G) screen just broke, so I have spare parts now. I’m thinking it’s motherboard related - of course Amazon is useless. I’ve long since replaced my Voyage with an Oasis, but I still miss it. Other thought is to take my old Voyage and swap broken screens.

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