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Bluetooth tracker. 150 ft (60m) Bluetooth range Up to 1-year user replaceable battery

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How do you open it?

How do you open the tile mate 2018 edition?

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If your title mate falls into water for some reason and stops working my advice would be to not open it! Just take out the battery and leave it somewhere for multiple days!

If you do decide to open it with a spudger, take out the battery and spudge around the case, next to the battery. But why I said to not open it is once you open it, it won’t click back together! Unfortunately the tile mate is two pieces of plastic welded together. This means once open (with some force) it’s either glue it back together or admit defeat (ask me how I know!)

Hope this helps anyone…

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Opening up the Tile to dry it out (if that's why they're trying to open it) is helpful. But please, don't put your tech in a bag of rice. If you'd like more info on wet devices and why rice won't help follow the link below!


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