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Repair and disassembly information for the first-generation Apple Watch SE, announced September 18th, 2020.

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Apple watch se teardown? Same as Apple watch 6? Help.

I have an apple watch se with a cracked screen but there are no teardown available for this? All I find is the apple watch 6 teardowns so is it the same?

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i would imagine they’re probably pretty similar in the teardown procedure.

youd have to take care when heating up the screen so you dont get glass shards in your fingers and take it slow when you lift the screen up so you dont tear any cables. as for the screen you might have problems finding replacement screens out there that are reliable since the watch just came out.

i search around on Ali express and ebay and google searching places. from the looks of it i couldn’t find and SE replacement screens :(

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Luckily for me I have found two se watches on ebay for cheap. One with an I loud lock but fully intact and the other which works but has a cracked screen. I was just making sure that there was a way of actually fixing these before I spend money for them.


@Reece oh yea of course i understand. the only problem would be with what you seemed to have solved already! just remember, take it slow and remember to lift the screen slowly once its removed. ribbon cables rip easy!


Thank you mate, was just wondering is there a way to remove an icloud lock from an apple watch?


@Reece typically you need to have the login. this is to keep stolen watches from being resold. if u bought it from someone and it was locked, theyll need to unlock it and then factory wipe it so you can sync it up. otherwise youre kind of SOL


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