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De grotere versie van Samsung's nieuwste smartphone, de Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Uitgebracht in April van 2017.

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Temperature of front glass removal s8 plus

Was looking for temperature when using a hot plate for the front glass only removal for the Samsung S series phones?

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S8 are not as bad as previous generations. I had one in and used about 160 - 190 c on the hot air station. I managed to get the point of a razor blade into the top of the screen, then worked it slowly with heat being applied at the same time around the top portion to get a pick in.

It will take some patience to do it would damaging. I usually take the screen and touch glass out as one piece and then separate them using a board holder. So if you follow how I do it, once the screen and touch glass are separate you will need something thin to help cut through the glue without damaging the screen underneath.

I use fishing wire and carefully get it between the glass and the screen. There a few videos on youtube, the procedure is quite difficult and although AMOLED is expensive I always try to get customers to buy a full-service screen as the finish is a 100 times better :)

Good luck if you attempt it, my friend :)

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I have a forward Two-Button 360° Rotary Edge Separator For Edge/Flat Screens & In-Frame Separating with molybdenum cutting wire to remove the glass. I have watched the videos also. Got hold of a dozen Samsungs to practice with black dots to see if I can remove them without damaging them.


My bro, that is some awesome research you are doing there, if only more people to the time to get practice boards, screens, etc, Would mean I wouldn't need to be charging repair attempt fees to clients who bring me there 'I tried to fix it' devices XD.

I hope my temperature guide helps, I have struggled for years to get anyone to show the temperatures they use to do this work. The amount of stuff i have broke back in the day learning is unreal :)

Again good luck, but from what you say, you should have no problems :)


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