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MSI RX 570 GAMING X 4 GB - What are these missing components?

Block Image

Block Image

I need help to find out what are these missing components. All these are the same ?

I get that card like this and if I can fix it I will use it.

Thanks from now.

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are you sure that is whats wrong with the card? many manufactures leave spots blank dependant on what kinda card it is. so unless you know for a fact that stuff goes there you could end up bricking your card. your best bet would be to try and find disassembly pictures of your card and go from there.

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side note: if its labeled "C" with a bunch of numbers odds are its a capacitor and R usually means Resistor. hope this helps a little


@logixal Yes I am sure these spots are filled with components in normal as you can see here ( And I wasn't know the C-R labels thank you so much for that. At that point we know these are capacitors but we dont know their specifications.


@mkose yea unfortunately 98% of the time its VERY hard to find actual schematics for cards as they dont want to you to be able to repair them.


@logixal actually I think I found the schematic but I only understand that they are 100nf capacitor but how many Volts ? (


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