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a digital radio from around 2006-2007 Main characteristics Tuning: Digital Display: LCD Type: DAB Technical Features Power Source: AC Adapter Sound Features: Built-in Speaker Other Height: 17.5 cm Width: 21 cm Depth: 11 cm

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The display kept flickering and then the whole appliance went dead

The display started to flicker and eventually went very dim. It was possible to operate the radio for a while by trial and error but eventually the radio went completely dead and has shown no sign of life. This was some years ago. I suspect a significant chip inside has blown but Pure only offer to replace it with another product at a reduced price. Unfortunately, they do not produce a direct equivalent and their new stuff looks to have drastically inferior build quality.

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from the sounds of it youre on your own when it comes to getting this fixed.

if you have any electronics knowledge this will be easier. if not a few google searchs i think youll be alright.

start by opening the unit, im sure there are some phillip screws holding the out case together.

then try to find the PCB and see if there are any obvious signs of dmg, burning , scorching, corrosion. things like that.

also check to see if there is a fuse that may have blown.

having a multimeter will DEFINITELY help with troubleshooting this. also post some pictures up on here to help with narrowing down the problem!

good luck!

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