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The second generation PlayStation Vita, the PCH-2000 series, is commonly referred to as either the PS Vita Slim or the PS Vita 2000. Announced in Japan fall 2013, and released in North America in May 2014. It is rated as a hand held entertainment device. Supported by :: Wi‑Fi, PlayStation Now, PlayStation Network / Plus, Bluetooth. Model number: PCH-2001.

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New Battery from iFixit not working, any suggestions?

Ordered a new ps vita slim battery from iFixit’s website. Plugged it into the vita, and charged it for a while. I switched from a wall adapter to a power bank and it gave me a solid orange light, but it still won’t turn on. I also tried soft resetting with power button + home button + R/Volume Up button and still nothing. It’s a Cameron Sino Battery and I made sure it was the right model. Any suggestions you guys can offer me?

Here’s the link for the battery: PlayStation Vita Slim Battery

PlayStation Vita Slim Battery Afbeelding


PlayStation Vita Slim Battery


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There might be something wrong with something else in the device.

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I definitely know that the battery is the culprit. I have a working vita on hand and did a battery swap. After the battery swap, the console turns on. It's frustrating that this is my third attempt at getting a working ps vita battery. The first two batteries I got were from eBay and the third one was from iFixit's website.


Then try and return the defective battery to Ifixit and get it replaced.


Will do, and thanks for the reply!


Did you ever get it fixed because I have the same Problem?


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