I need some tech support for 2 problems

I have 2 problems with my Priv.

1 - A few months ago my screen started to turn green in bands from bottom to top. Now it is all the way. It still works but in shades of green. However I noticed if the phone is warmer that 73 deg F it is all good.

Is it the screen or the driver electronics that is bad? A screen I can fix, but not a driver.

Note: I changed the battery a few months ago, but that was after the banding started and it didn’t seem to affect the banding either way. I did not even go near the screen connector.

2 - I have 2 mail accounts. My main account works OK, but the second started to tell me there was a problem with accessing it, and I had to verify the PW. I tried to verify but it keeps saying it cannot validate my settings or PW. But that account works on my PC no problem. I tried changing the PW same result. The other settings are OK and match my main account, but even trying to reset them results in the validity error.

My ISP (Rogers) was no help as they don’t support Blackberry, and I get zero support from Blackberry unless I pay. The old users group I was a member of seems to have disappeared.

Can you help or point me to who can help?

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