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The eMac was an all-in-one G4-based Mac designed for the education market and released in April 2002. It was the last Mac to use a CRT display and was sold at a low price to schools and other institutions.

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How difficult is it to replace the front bezel and re-seat a speaker?

I have an eMac that seems to work great, but has sustained damage to the front bezel… it is loose on the right hand side and has a hairline crack between the CD drawer and right speaker grille. And that right speaker is somehow popped out of place and laying facedown inside the case. If I find a new bezel, would this be an easy fix? Would I have to discharge the CRT to do it? Thanks!

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easy is relative to your skill level. for some people itll be easier than others. also depends on the tools you have also.

it should be pretty straight forward to do.

as for discharging the CRT . you shouldnt have to if you leave it unplugged for a while. id say a couple hours should be fine.

see step 2 in this guide as a reference for the CRT

eMac Shell Replacement

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