Does not yurn on. Possibly Bricked

Hi, so I had this iPod for a while, it was working great today, but then I needed to send something to it from iTunes, but only the old versions from 2012 work with it, so this is what I used. It was fine, however, when synchronising it seemed to switch from the message “step 1 out of 2” to “do not unplug”. The iPod did not show the synchronisation symbol. So I decided to reset it/ The update downloaded just fine, but after unpacking it gave me an error and so I had to unplug the iPod. Trying this again I plugged it back in, BUT IT DID NOT TURN ON, AND MY DUMBASS did not check if it happened before the update or after.

Now when I plug it into the PC it says that the device is unrecognized. The iPod itself shows no signs of life.

I tried pressing the “power - “. “power +” and all button combinations, but nothing happens.

It is fully charged and will defiantly hold it for a few days, so it is not a battery issue. I will wait for it to die, maybe this will fix it.

If it is bricked because of the faulty update, is there anything that can be done, or is it just dead now? Or maybe there is nothing wrong and it just lagged?

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