System does not respond when I hit the power button

I have a 2009 Mac book pro 17” and when I hit the power button it doesn’t do anything. When plugged in it has a dim green light and when you wiggle the charger it’ll go from dim green to bright green and from bright green to orange. My delta 8904C-F chip looks a little bent in and on one whole side of the chip the multimeter doesn’t do anything. Does someone know what’s wrong?

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I have the same issue with my 17'' as well.


@bensimon24 - What does the battery checker tell you and what is the color of the MagSafe plug Amber or Green?


The MagSafe plug turns amber, and after some time it turns green.

I believe it is charging the battery because I can feel some residual heat in the battery connector when I unplugged the battery.

How can I get access to the battery checker? Is that a tool built into Mac OS? I can't book my Mac currently.


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