Campatibility 12800S DDR3 RAM

Compatible 1200S vs 1200?

Hello! :)

After my long companion Macbook Pro 2011 2,3GHz i7 finally died because of the grafic chip, Ive replaced the mother board from the Mid 2012 with 2,6GHz…

So I have to upgrade the RAM now but most of the options I see are with 12800S (with S at the end). From what Ive learned PC3L the L at the end is the indicator of the Low power. But I could not find any info or compatibility with my Macbook pro 2012 which requires 12800….

So the question is will one of these types of RAM PC3L 12800S 1600 is compatible?

Lets say on of these?

Manufacturer - Samsung

Memory Type - SODIMM

Capacity - 8GB

Data Transfer Rate - 1600Mhz

Pins - 204 Pin

Bus Type - PC3L-12800

Error Correction - Non-ECC

Cas - CL11

Memory Clock - 200Mhz

Rank - Rank 2

Voltage - 1.35

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