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Released September 22, 2017. Model A1863, A1905. Available as GSM or CDMA / 64 or 256 GB / gold, silver, and space gray.

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What is the minimum mandatory parts required to swap for iPhone 8?

Hello and thanks!

I have 2 - iPhone 8’s - the first one has a hardware issue where all you hear is static, on a receiving phone, when you call from this iPhone 8. [STATIC]

And the other has a smashed front screen assembly. [SMASHED]

My goal is to combine the phones to make one good iPhone 8. I have completely removed both front LCD assemblies successfully.

I understand I need to move the home button from [SMASHED] LCD to the good LCD [STATIC] so that Touch ID will still work as desired before I put the un-smashed LCD on the known working iPhone [SMASHED]

Are there any other parts of the LCD Display assembly that are married to the original hardware and need to be moved?… or is the Home Button the only device?

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That is the only thing you need to replace but if you put it together and it Still has static sounds you will probably need to replace the earpiece speaker. And make sure that the battery is disconnected before you swap the screens. The battery should have been disconnected before the screens were disconnected, it can damage the phone if you don't.

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The static is only observed from the phone you call to. (Any phone you call) I think that might indicate the microphone is having the issue.


I would try changing the charging port which has a microphone in it. Did you ever try talking on speaker phone? I believe the phone has multiple microphones in it.


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