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Does not turn on

I was given this nice 17" MBP from 2007 (a1229). It has no battery, no charger and it is in an "unknown" state. I have 60W MagSafe 1 charger, so I tried to see if I can boot it, before I commit to buy a new charger and the battery. Spoiler: no success :(

What are the symptoms:

  1. Small white led in the middle always off (from what I read online, it should be blinking, at least sometimes)
  2. When charger is plugged in, the charger’s led is steady green
  3. I did the power on trick (hold power button for 10 sec, plug the charger, continue holding for 10 sec, release the power and press again) -> The fans are spinning like crazy (expected), the dvd does the regular sound of checking whatever, and I hear the chime, but no image on the screen. It does not turn on.
  4. Caps lock light does not work. So, keyboard is dead?


What should I do next?

Is it completely dead?

Why does the white led always off?

Am I must to use 85W adapter to boot it without the battery?

Any other checks I could do to determine the issue?


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On the battery you have a battery checker, when you press the button do all of the LED's light and are steady?


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It sounds like you don’t have a battery installed is that correct?

You likely also need a PRAM battery MacBook Pro 17" Models A1151 A1212 A1229 and A1261 PRAM Battery Replacement as over time they die.

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Thank you for your reply!

Is there a way to test the PRAM battery to see if its okay or died?


Dan, is the PRAM battery just a generic CR2025 proprietary packaged?


@kapalsa - Just a standard Lithium Oxide battery



I can replace it.

Do you know what does it mean when white led inactive? From all the other posts I've seen that other people had some other behaviors like blinking or steady light. I have nothing.


@kapalsa - The White LED is the sleep indicator. When the system is put into sleep mode the LED will slowly light and dim as it sleeps.

It is also used at as a diagnostic indication. I would focus on the power systems and not over focus on the SLI which is what it's called.


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