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Correct procedure with V1S when replacing battery?

Anyone knows whats the correct procedure when doing battery replacement on an iPhone? Couldn’t find any specific instructions. When I remove the old battery, clone it to the new one with V1S and start it up, the battery health stays the same, because it also clones the battery efficiency, when I modify the battery efficency back to 100, it also shows the same old battery health. When I insert new battery without programming it, it shows the new battery health. But the V1S always displays an tip that when battery cycles are not original, the battery cannot be charged to 100%, though I never had any issues with iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, even when I leave the cycles to 1.

The battery health seems to change only when a battery with different SN is inserted, after that I can write back the original SN and the battery health is updated, should I then also change battery cycles to the same amount as it was on the old battery? Should I also change MFRS to be the same as original or should I first plug in new battery without being programmed and then boot it up, shut down and copy over just SN and cycles?

Little bit confused whats the correct procedure, hopefully somebody has some input on this and how would the battery cycles affect anything.

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What model iPhone?


I mean every model, from iPhone 7 up at least. Since from ip7 or ip8, the battery cycles and serial number seems to have no effect on charging effects. So I'm interested in what's the technically correct procedure in programming in new batteries.


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All iPhones from believe the xs will show its not an original battery and battery health won't show either. It doesn't matter if you try to vs1 it won't work. Apple did to discourage aftermarket repair so the customer will want to take it to an apple store. The last phone that will work is the iPhone X I believe or possibly the XR . Any older phones will work fine.

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So no point on programming anything to a new battery? Just swap it out and be done with it? The note about battery cycles is also false?


What model of iPhone do you have?


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