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The Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum is a gaming headset with wired and wireless connectivity. The headset was released in October 2016 and can be identified by its model number 981-000620.

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Sound Problem because of On/Off Dial


I have the following problem with the headset:

The sound is sometimes very inconsistent. Example on a music track, I hear the music consistent but distorted, but the singing partly not and when it does as if it were coming from a distance.

However, if I now wiggle the on/off lever, it fixes the problems as long as it is in a certain position.

Does anyone know the problem and how to fix this?

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I had the same issue and I fixed it by cleaning the connection of the switch. If you look at my picture you’ll see the dirt causing the issue. I’ve also linked the video I followed. Hope this help.

Block Image

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What screwdriver do you use?


@Solomon Salzman I just fixed mine today, following that video.. i used the iFixit bit "J00"


I used this for my g935's worked like a charm. Just a heads up though those little flat pins on the actual switch aren't glued in and are tiny so use caution when cleaning. thanks for the video!


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