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Model A1990 / EMC 3359. Released in May 2019 with new 6-core and 8-core processor options.

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Membrane under spacebar torn

The spacebar under my space bar is torn as I wanted to clean there without knowing that a torn membrane requires a top case replacement. As a result the space bar now sits completely loose in the case without being latched onto it. I’m out of the country for long term and there are no Apple stores here, just authorised distributors and they say I am out of my limited 1-year warranty so they wanna charge for the replacement, but it would take 4-6 weeks for them to replace it. What other and faster ways are there to fix this problem?

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First the membrane is a dust shield. It has no active role in how you space bar works other that interfering with its action if it gets in the way.

At this point your best bet is to replace the parts as the small catches are often damaged which is why the keycap is not staying on.

Here’s one source for the needed parts TheBookYard - MacBook Pro Retina 2018 - Mid 2019 KeyCaps

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Oh wow this is the first good news today! thanks a great deal! I will investigate this more tomorrow morning


but are you sure you have the right info: Please check this article:


@jules123 - The title says it all! "Apple Confirms 2018 MacBook Pro Keyboard Has 'Membrane' to 'Prevent Debris From Entering the Butterfly Mechanism'" It has nothing to do with the space bar or regular key ability to work. As I stated you don't need to worry about it to get your system to work.

While it would be nice to have it, it won't prevent you from fixing your system by replacing the damaged parts.


Yes but the article also says this:

"Caution: The keyboard has a membrane under the keycaps to prevent debris from entering the butterfly mechanism. Be careful not to tear the membrane. A torn membrane will result in a top case replacement."

In any case I will go to a local store and see what they can do


@jules123 - I've had a few come by me with this issue. One was still under warranty so Apple took care of it. The second wasn't! replacement uppercase was $450 for the part and 120 for the labor.

I fixed it for $60 plus to the cost of the needed key parts I think it was around $50. I carefully anchored the torn membrane and replaced the damaged parts.

So which way are you going to go $560 USD or in your case doing your self so its only the cost of the parts.


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@danj Hi Dan I’m back with some more questions.

Since that time a lot of stuff happened. I actually switched to Windows (I have a high end Windows machine and a more basic one now) before and after we spoke, which has been working out greatly.

Concerning the fix I did on the MacBook, the spacebar was never fully attached and it tended come off very easily, so I had to be put it back on 100s of times which was rather painstaking. I also phoned Apple about it, since the computer is still under warranty.

Since I’m not in the country of purchase I had it sent through to the UK expensively and Apple sent it to a repair place of theirs in the Czech Republic. In any case the Czechs refused to fix it under warranty but rather wanted over 1,400 pounds for doing so. I didn’t pay this fantasy amount and the computer was sent back unrepaired and without my laptop bag.

During this process I was also insulted by their senior staff on the phone. I so regret every buying a Mac.

I will travel to the UK some time this year and hopefully they will see more reason in the shop.

Anyway, is there something I could do to use the system in the meantime without the bar de-attaching constantly. Unfortunately I still have project files on Logic Pro, which are locked to Mac that I need to take off and convert to other programs that are not locked to Apple.

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Sorry to hear your bad luck. email big Tim at Apple explain what happened focus on the space bar coming off not the membrane and how you tried to get it fixed only getting it back without the case and a repair price for what should have been a extended warranty repair Keyboard Service Program for MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro

Be upset and angry express how you are very disappointed, explain you will not be buying a Apple system again if you can't get this system fixed.

As far as getting your system working if that too fails, sorry to say there is no Plan-B option. The parts will need to be replaced as I explained the keycaps (space bar in your case) have small catches which if they break off can't be fixed.

So you could try to replace them your self getting the parts from TheBookYard or find a local independent repair shop that fixes Macs.

Please don't try any other solution! As all you'll do is make a bigger mess!


hmm, okay I might try that sometime


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