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Startup often restarts with granulated screen, eventually boots

The screen (Apple logo and slider bar) upon startup are often ‘grainy/pixelated’ and more often than not system will reboot on it’s own. Eventually it will boot and all runs well, screen, wifi, bluetooth, internal keyboard/touchpad, etc.. Left fan I know needs replacing as most times it’s not running. My concern it the startup attempts/behaviour. Am I looking at a logic board issue (video chipset on the way out)?

Any thoughts please

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Sadly finding parts for this series group is quite hard!

I would leave things alone and save my pennies for a newer system. In addition I really don’t recommend connecting to the internet with this system as the OS9 and OS-X this series uses is not very safe! Assume anything on your system is exposed to anyone (Spyware) and you may risk loosing your stuff from Malware & Virus’s!

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Thanks for the input. System has been in my possession since new(2008), runs behind firewalls, and security boundaries on my routers. Also the MacBook has AV installed(and updated) so not any more concerned with 'un-invited guests' than on any other system.

Located a fan, just curious about the startup behaviour, as I said once up it runs fine (left fan excepted).


@josjoslyn - Its either the GPU (new logic board needed) or the display its self.


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