Galaxy Book Ion Blank Screen after clean

Hi all,

Hope you can help. So starting at the beginning - I was given a Galaxy Book ION to look at a couple of months ago that had coffee spilt on it that damaged the SSD. I stripped it down, cleaned it, installed a new SSD and reinstalled Windows. No problems, everything was working great. (I should also add I am quite used to stripping down and cleaning with IPA).

A week ago it has been brought back to me as they have spilt coffee on it again! This time the laptop was working but they had problems connecting to the network. When I opened up the laptop it went straight into Windows so I shut it down so I could strip it down to clean again before looking at the network issue. Didn’t want to damage it further by leaving it turned on until I’d cleaned it again.

I’ve put it all back together and it turns on, solid blue light but blank display. Also the backlight on the keyboard stays on, but the caps lock light does not come on when pushed. Also there is nothing showing on an external display. I have removed the battery and tried again and get the same issues. I have tried disconnecting everything one by one (apart from fan and cable to the power board) and same issue. After a few seconds of being on the fan will spin for a brief second then stop again.

Has anyone got any experience with these and able to help? It is quite hard to find help online for these Galaxy Books.

Many thanks.

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