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Formac Studio FS10 Video Converter will not convert Wii signal?

I have borrowed a Formac Studio FS10 from someone as I'm looking to buy something similar for the purposes of recording Wii Game footage.

It takes Red, Yellow, White IN and Firewire 400 OUT. I can then import into iMovie.

This works with a PS2, a DVD Player and a VCR. However the signal from the wii arrives in iMovie with flashing pixels, screeching beeps and the picture frozen.

I am sure I am doing the same as I did with the other devices, is there anything I can do, or is there a similar device that would work?

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I have a Canopus AVDC-100 which I can give a try with my Wii later today... FWIW, I remember considering one of the Formac converters at the time (many years ago now), but somebody recommended the Canopus as the best quality DV analog converter. anyhow I'll let you know if it works...


Maybe you plugged white to yellow and yellow to white?


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followup to my earlier comment... I tried using my Canopus AVDC-100 DV analog converter and confirmed I can successfully record video output from the Wii to the Mac.

one caveat: when using iMovie'09 to record, I can't see the video output in the preview screen (only get a blank blue screen) - however the video IS imported and recorded into iMovie, and I can view it in the app once recording is done, and export the video from iMovie. It's been a couple OS version updates since I've used this converter, and digging around a bit finds there are reports of some issues importing DV over FireWire and Snow Leopard with the Canopus box

but then I tried another video capture program called Vidi and that seems to work just fine, both video preview and record of DV stream over FireWire

Maybe give Vidi a try? I notice they mention support for Formac converters

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Thanks! I'll try vidi


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I often use Avdshare Video Converter to convert MP4, WMV, MKV, FLV, ASF, AVCHD, MOV, AVI, etc to Wii Supported Video Format on Mac/Windows

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