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The second generation PlayStation Vita, the PCH-2000 series, is commonly referred to as either the PS Vita Slim or the PS Vita 2000. Announced in Japan fall 2013, and released in North America in May 2014. It is rated as a hand held entertainment device. Supported by :: Wi‑Fi, PlayStation Now, PlayStation Network / Plus, Bluetooth. Model number: PCH-2001.

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Water broke into my vita and right analog stick stopped working


a while ago I spilled some water and I think some went into the vita without me noticing. A few days ago I went to play on my vita and I noticed my right analog stopped working completely. I tried switching left and right analog sticks and both worked on the left side. So my guess is that the right button board is damaged, but the weird thing is that all other buttons on the right side work perfectly. So should I just replace the right board, or is there something else causing the problem? I would really appreciate any help you could give me.

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It could be water in the stick itself. I would say remove the joystick in the Vita and let it dry then put it back in. Comment if it works or if you still need help.

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The stick is definitely dry because it happened weeks ago. I tested the right stick and it works when I put it on the left side, but when I put the working one on the right side it doesn't work. I don't know why but the analog stick is the only thing that doesn't get detected on the right side, all other buttons work perfectly. So looks like both analog sticks work, vita is just not detecting the one on the right, which is really weird.


The socket on the right board may be dirty. Take some isopropyl alcohol and apply it to the socket and try to clean it. If that does not work than i think you should replace the right board and if that does not work then well I am not sure.


Thanks for the help, I hope cleaning up the socket will help, if it doesn't at least I know that the stick is most probably not the problem, luckily the board is not that expensive on eBay


Ok well that is good


I had the same issue and changed the right and left joystick (both are new btw, bought in aliexpress) and still got the drifting just in the right side. I ALSO changed the board, wich arrived today, and STILL the same issue...I'm a bit lost at this point, but doing some tests.


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