What is the purpose of a "122" coil in a BlackBerry Curve Logic board?

I really need to know the purpose of this part and if it's important.

It's located behind the LCD screen of the phone soldered to the Logic board, just to the left of the earpiece speaker hole.

When the said phone was given to me, it was in a very, very bad condition, broken LCD screen, warped housing, missing battery & cover, even the tiny door below the keypad was missing. I don't know why & I didn't bother asking him about it. Well....

Now as I'm planning to repair it, and as indicated above, the missing #122 coil was my only problem. It was somehow broken on its contacts.

Can anyone help me figure out the what that part is for? And also finding a replacement for it?

I'm from the Philippines, so finding that part will meant shipping it from other countries to here.

Thanks. God bless.

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