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Released in July 2018, the 15" MacBook Pro, model A1990, features a 15.4 inch LED-Backlight display with True Tone technology, TouchID, and up to 6 Core i9 Processor.

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What happened to my Touch ID button?

I took apart my MacBook Pro to replace the thermal paste today and when I put it back together, everything worked fine… except for the Touch ID sensor and its button.

I can’t use Touch ID and pushing the button does absolutely nothing whether the thing is on or off. Is there a connector inside the machine that I forgot to reattach which makes the button work, or could something have been irreversibly damaged?

Nothing else seems to be amiss and I can deal with not having a power button in regular use, but if the computer stalls I want to have that failsafe.

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We can’t see your computer or what you did to it, so we wouldn’t know.

You have to check missing connectors yourself, if all connectors are secure, chances are you tore the cable.

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