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Please help me install OS 9 on iMac G5 and older Macs

I have a source for pre OS X os for Macs. I’m unsure how to create an install flash drive from an Intel High Sierra machine. I’ve four G4/G5 machines that I’d like to setup.

@danj you there ?

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You know, I need my beauty sleep ;-}


They tell me that as I get older I'll sleep less. But they never mentioned anything about beauty <LOL>

Besides the subscription board for microsoldering ($29/month) where do I post a question?

I have a lead that snapped even with the board and I can't get it to take solder (a Mac Mini).


I need all the help I can get ;-}

iFixit Answers is free! Where did you signup a subscription board for micro soldering?


Are we the blind mice leading each other through the maze ?

Now networking is something I can handle. I think. Lol


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So first thing this model won’t boot from a USB drive ;-{

You have to use either a bootable CD/DVD (DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW) or a FireWire drive (400 MB/s).

You also have a bit of a chicken and egg problem too! You need a working OS-8/OS-9 system to prep the optical disk or FireWire drive if you are expecting to run OS-8/OS-9. This series also supports OS-10! The highest supported level for your G5 systems is OS-X 10.5.8 and for your G4 systems it is OS-X 10.4.11 (15”/17” Flat Panel systems).

Frankly, I would go with OS-10 on these systems as it will be easier to get the needed grey or retail version of the disks.

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I hope using a comment is appropriate.

I have two Snow leopard installs. That's OS 10 but Intel. Chicken and egg is right. I gather that even if I have a disk image file for them it can or cannot be created on an intel machine ?


The original Snow Leopard installer CD/DVD is a fat installer with both PowerPC and Intel elements, you need the disk!


Isn’t that unavailable anywhere ?


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