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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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Switch disconnect / will it work

The lid lock on my whirlpool cabrio washer is messed up. I’ve tried the magnet trick to fix it and it worked one time. Will the washer work if I disconnect the lid lock wires? I am the person who does the laundry In this house mainly

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[image|2317616] these are the wires.


[image|2317616] this is the wires I’m trying to figure out


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If I disconnect the switch entirely by unplugging it will it allow the washer to run?


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back of your machine.

Your diagram does not list the color code but shows that your lid lock connects to J6 on your control unit PCB. You will need apply the jumper to whatever colored wiring attaches to J6 contact 1 and 3 (most likely red and blue but I'd hate to guess and have you damage your machine)

Here is a spare tech sheet for you just in case you lost your. Go to page 18 W10240504

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Your my hero I got this machine free and it has tiny quirks. I just want to get laundry done lol


Your well come


Pls accept this so it is finished


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