Screen Stops Working after Reassembling; What Is Going Wrong?

On the surface, it seems straightforward: HP has posted not only the Maintenance and Service Guide for this device but also a video on how to replace the screen.

All appears straightforward enough, and it has been done before (by a chain store) on a device I have (screen removal is also required in order to replace the battery), but now when doing this battery replacement myself something is happening when I reassemble the device that causes the screen to (apparently permanently) stop working.

I am not new to working with electronics, and replacement screens work when attached loosely and test booting, but once the device is fully reassembled, the display is dead and no longer works.

The device is otherwise still fully functional, as it works as expected when connected to an external monitor. I now have three dead displays. Everything appears to align with the video and service guide, so I wouldn’t think anything shorted out.

  • There is a small section on the that is not covered/insulated by tape, but it came this way and seems to be fairly standard across these displays (c.f. top red ellipse in image).
  • Is there something that happens or gets loosened with the cable that is attached to the back of the display (c.f. yellow circle in image)?

I’m normally not hesitant to work with electronics, but I’m afraid to try much more with these at the moment because I have no idea what is causing them to fail, and displays aren’t exactly a cheap part.

Block Image

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