Right Joy Stick won’t click when need to recalibrate

I installed the right joy con stick on my switch and everything went well I followed the instructions step by step. Closed everything up, powered off the switch then turned back on, then went to calibrate as the instructions said and noticed it won’t click to calibrate and also in my game. I don’t understand what I did or what happened. Need help please.

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When you say "won't click", do you mean physically, or that the switch don't recognize it as connected ?


I have this problem too. The stick will physically stick and the switch recognises the click in general but the click does not advance to the next stage of calibration.

More detail: After replacing the joy con stick, the new stick drifts very badly. When I try to calibrate the stick in the settings, clicking the new joystick is not recognised and so the new stick cannot be calibrated. If I test the stick press using "Test Inputs", the input is recognised. My only option now is to replace the new joystick with the old one which would make the whole replacement process a complete waste of time and money.


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