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Third generation of the Fitbit Charge fitness tracker series.

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No display anything, and not charging

Tried to charge and cleaned the contacts on the Fitbit charge 3. Also bought new cable just in case, but it does not charge and no diplay at all, it is blank screen

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try putting it in the charger, and holding its power button for 8-10 seconds (I believe the button on the left) and see if a display appears. If not, it could be possible the battery is faulty. does it vibrate at all when you try to power it on?

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same problem. trying to charge it but nothing happensa i tries holding the button it only vibrates what could be the problem?


I've found your specific watch has this problem usually a lot. If fully restarting it while on the charger did not bring any display, then the screen may be bad and should be replaced. if there's a deeper issue i'm afraid theres not much you can do that i'm aware of.


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