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The Ninja Professional Blender 1100 watt model BL663CO, is a high-performance blender used for ice crushing, blending and pureeing.

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Accidentally plugged into 220V outlet.

I accidentally plugged this blender to 220V..what should I do.?as of’s not working..turns out its can i repair.?or just need to replace fuse.?if yes..what kind of fuse?thank you!

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Hi. Were you able to get it fixed? If yes, how did you fix it please? I'm currently in the same situation. Looking forward to your response.


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Hello, the first thing you need to do is to replace the fuse, the rated voltage is written on it. But you can bypass it momentarily with a wire to check if everything works fine, which I do NOT RECOMMAND, especially if you’re not familiar with electronics.

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The varistor in mine blew (yellow circle) 10s271k and can be replaced with 10d271k (blue circle)

Block Image

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