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Repair guides and support for the 5th generation Honda Civic, first released in late 1991.

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Why aren't my dash lights working?

I have a 1993 Honda Civic Hatchback, I tried pressing the light button several times to get the dash lights working. Sometimes they don't work. How do I replace the dash lights? Some visual step-by-step guide would be appreciated.

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If all of them don't work, I would replace the light switch.


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you can start with the fuse. Underhood fuse/relay box on passenger side of engine compartment near the strut tower

Fuse 2 (15A) - 12V all the time

Make sure that the contacts are not corroded etc. If the fuses are okay, check the wiring harness. Make sure the plugs are connected properly and that there is no corrosion in between. Last but not least, you can check your light switch with a multimeter and see if it has intermittent faults. My gut feeling is that it is your light switch that is failing.


Courtesy of Autozone ;-)

Repair Guide.

1992-95 Models


All SRS wire harnesses are covered with a yellow insulation. Read the

SRS precautions found in this section and install the short connectors

as described.

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable and disable the SRS system.

2. Remove the upper and lower steering column covers.

3. Disconnect the 4-pin and 7-pin connectors from the switch.

4. Remove the switch retaining screws and slide the switch from its


To install:

5. Install the new switch in position and connect the electrical leads.

6. Install the upper and lower steering column covers.

7. Disconnect the short connectors and connect the negative and

positive battery cable.

This should be for information only if you have not done this type of work before. Anytime you are messing with the safety of others, let the experts do it.

Good Luck.

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i got a 96 eg hatch running light not working and the dash lights not coming on plz help

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I have had three hondas do this, the rheostat (dimmer switch) for the dash lights go bad, can get a used one on e-bay for 15 -20 bucks.

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I'm having same prob with my 91 hatch everything has power but the dimmer switch don't have power

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I have a 95 Honda Civic with a v-tech swap and when I turn on my radio and push on my brake it goes off and when I turn on my ac which doesn't work it goes off to and my head light don't work but my signals do any help please

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Install an aftermarket radio in my 1994 Honda Civic DX now my dash lights and my tail lights are working

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92 civic "Ballade" in South Africa SR4, none of the in-dash lights work when the lights outside is on except when I push the brake, all the in-dash lights work and even the park lights outside, and the left blinker doesn't work, noticed the blinker when locking the car with a aftermarket central locking device that had been installed a few years ago, doubt that it could mess up all the wiring after so many years of working correctly, some wires are burning inside the dash when I switch everything on at once, please help me??


I have a 96 Honda civic lx. And the srs light on the dash cluster does not come on at all? Any ideas? I already changed the bulb


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