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Model A1200 with 2.16 or 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Is it possible to replace a damaged lcd screen?

My 3yrd old son threw a ruler and accidentally punctured the screen, causing loss of 70% of viewable screen. Can the LCD screen be easily replaced in these all-in-one units?



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I would check with iFixit to see if they have the part. Inventory is dynamic, they may have it but not have posted it yet.


If you want more info this thread has some on the topic of iFixit's relationship with desktops


Thank you for directing me to this thread, I didn't know it existed. I will post a question to the staff about the parts and see if they have a mission statement somewhere. Businesses change in a year according to supply and demand.


Well I doubt it'd really change, the general trend is more people buying laptops and fewer people buying desktops.


You're right rab in 2008 laptops sales finally topped desktop sales. So desktops are now down to only 49% of the market. But that’s Apples and PC’s combined. You might want to take a look at this:

Apple desktop sales take half of US PC retail revenue


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Well unfortunately iFixit has neither the guide nor the part, however this guide for the 20 inch shouldn't be too far off, but you'll have to look elsewhere for the part. You probably need the whole display.

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You may search on ebay for a broken machine with dead logic board but working display and maybe Ben Eisenman can tell which iMacs intel would be compatible with your machine so you'll have the choice when searching in the ebay listings. It would be the cheapest place to get the screen if iFixit doesn't have it.

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That's generally the idea, find a machine that's broken otherwise (bad logic board, etc) yet has a fine display.


Thanks for your helpful comments! I will have no trouble resolving this problem and appreciate the pointers.


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