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Why Is My Wowee Elvis contorting his face?

My Wowwee Elvis Alive deforms his face, he can sing/talk/move, but at random, his eyelids will veer upwards (almost exposing his mechanism), as his lip sneer happens.

Block Image

I turn him off when it occurs, but it does not always resolve the problem. I've cleaned all his boards with rubbing alcohol, lubricated his motors, terminals are clean, as well as his cartridge/slot. The issue is most noticeable in the left eye, it might be the cartridge considering that's where all his phrases are (including his synchronization). If anyone has any advice/tips/comments I would surely be grateful.

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My guess is he got a look at the news. These days it will make anyone's eyes roll!

I know, not helpful but hopefully made you smile. ;)


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I’m not familiar with the Wowee Elvis toy, but at least according to this resource online:

There is a variable resistor that connects to each motor that controls part of the face, this variable resistor is what determines the home position and how far each part has moved. This part is the same part used in joystick controller knobs (or at least very similar) and they break all the time.

What the variable resistor in the toy looks like

Block Image

What they look like in a controller joystick

Block Image

My suggestion would be to replace this part or check this part and see if the issue still crops up

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Thank you. I have tried to access the variable resistor, but no luck since his screws in the face are stripped. I hear slight grinding noises coming from it, but no overheating. Replacing it seems too difficult. Is there a way to clean it?


Ah that sucks, stripped screws suck.

I know you can clean variable resistors, but you have to have access to them and then take them apart, wipe it down with a Qtip and even then that might not fix the problem. Here is an example of a guy cleaning the contacts:

These variable resistors should be relatively easy to obtain, try looking for analog joystick replacement, eg:

The potentiometers are not normally glued on and are attached by plastic divots, the problem might be more confirming that they are the same part and have the same variable resistance.


It seems like the variable resistors are soldered to 3 separate wires, I'm just a rookie at soldering and I don't want to risk further damaging the toy. I'll try to reach variable resistors including taking them apart/cleaning them with a Qtip if the dilemma occurs again.

However, Elvis hasn't deformed his face in over 4 months, I test him once a week and thus far I think he's fixing himself. I don't know if this is possible. He was weak when I got him, he could only work with the adapter plug, and not his normal batteries, as he couldn't move his face/head at all, just audio and now he works better with the batteries. I'll keep you updated if the toy contorts his face again, thanks for all your help!


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