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Computer repair and troubleshooting for the Dell Inspiron 1500 Series of laptops.

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My computer is turning on then turning off

I turn my computer on then it turns off automatically

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Hi @harrypotter09 ,

What is the model number of the laptop?

Does it do this with the charger connected and turned on?

How far does it get after you have turned it on and it turns off i.e., immediately, Dell start screen but doesn't boot, Windows boot screen, Windows desktop screen etc?

What OS is installed i.e., Win7, Win 8.1, Win 10?


Hi @jayeff here are some answers

I don’t know the model

It does do this when it is plugged in


There is no OS



The model number can be found on the information label that is on the underside of the laptop.

Knowing this will help me to help you.

Does the fan turn on at all?

Any lights briefly turn on also, e.g. power, HDD, wifi etc?


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Reseat the ram. Make sure Hard drive is inserted. Depending on models it will get picky on certain things

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