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The sixth generation Maxima, code-named A34, was only sold in the United States, Canada and Mexico. It was introduced in production form as a 2004 model at the 2003 North American International Auto Show.

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Won't start. Just clicks when I turn the key.

I drove 2005 nissan maxima se to the store when I came out it wouldn't start tried jumping no start, Just make a click noise from what sounds from the dash of the passenger side at first but after we got the new battery it now sounds like the click sound is coming from center under the hood. But all lights power on heater window work radio all work head lights come on and do deem while trying to turn it over. got new battery no start checked ground wires good. From what I can tell the fuses and relays seem to be working the battery reads at 12V but drops just a bit when I turn over the key. Now it was struggling to start but when I turn off the key then back on it start fine but it got me to the store it didnt get me home. The motor turns so it not locked up. But I did notice there was oil that leaked all over the wires that are between the battery and the motor once the air intake was removed did wipe them down but nothing changed I've google it, youtube it, and ask who I could bout it locally but it all leads to dead ends. Please any advice is got to better then what I have now. I just bought it uses drove it about 2 weeks then it died. Thank anyone with advice in advance

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@melefrain have you checked the starter? Could be a bad solenoid.


Yes new starter new battery new spark plugs


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could be a few things

- low/bad battery

- bad starter

- bad ignition

- power connection issue from ignition to starter

- power connection issue from battery to ignition

- anti-theft device malfunction (of some kind)

I would test all these first

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Help I have same problem I replaced battery an crankshaft sensor help I need car only one I have


@trish15578 give us the exact year, model, symptoms of your problem, and the troubleshooting you’ve already tried


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The One thing that you mentioned about the oil leak could be the cause if it leaked on your starter. The easiest thing to do is possible is take it to an Auto Zone and have it tested, it's free. Especially if it's fine till you try to turn it over if the oil impeding the circuit it can't get past the starter to crank, it will click at the solenoid.

Here's a good video that covers all the things you can do to get to the bottom of the problem

Good luck🤞

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