Mac Mini A1283 power problem


I’ve bought a mac mini A1283 from ebay (it was a job lot) and.. as it doesn’t work as it should, I’ve decided to investigate.

There was a problem with the power button… I suppose that the guy hadn’t googled how to disassembly it… he has ripped down the power connector on the motherboard.

Now it’s ok, but… if there is the interconnect board with (or without) HD and with (or without optical drive), the 2nd green light (led602) on MB will blink for a moment, but the mac mini will not turn on. If the interconnect board is not plugged, I have the 2 green lights and the mac mini power up… but without OS is a little bit useless :)

I have to say that the guy has also broke up a little bit the black plastic of the interconnect board plug (on the MB), but the pins are still there, it’s only a little bit of plastic (which I could glue back).

More infos : I’ve change the pram battery = same problem

I’ve changed the RAM = same problem

Any ideas ? Sorry if it’s not so clear what I said :)

Thanks a lot and have a nice day,


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