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Repair and disassembly information for AirPods Max wireless noise-cancelling headphones.

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Is AirPods Max battery user replaceable?

Can a common user replace Airpods Max battery ?

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Officially, its not user serviceable, at least this is what Apple will tell you.

But as the teardown shows, once you get below the only point where they used adhesive, you can quite easily replace them. Or could - since you would have to find a replacement part first. But the batteries are not glued down and they do have a real connector! These AirPods Max did get 6 out of 10 Points for being somewhat repair friendly - contrary the the other members of the AirPods family, who earned a whopping… 0 points !

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Unknown at the moment, check back to the teardown for an answer later.

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They’ve just launched - wait for the teardown.

Although it’s most likely going to be a no.

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seeing has how the cups can be moved, and only adhesive holds the plastic covers down, I don’t think it would be *that* difficult compared to some other Apple products.


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