screens are turned off but the device states its on

so I do not really understand why this issue is has been happening,

to wrap it up I was on a long trip, and I left my 3ds in the dashboard of the car and keep freezing every 10 minutes or so when I tried to play it.

naturally I let it be and came back to it after the trip. in turn it decided to not turn but it still had the blue light on, I tried for weeks looking for guides trying to see if the cords were misplaced (they may have I had no idea what I was doing), tried to reset something with the internet, still it did not work

then just today I got it on and I was able to play a game for a while by taking the sd and cartridge out and reseting,

this worked twice and now refuses to work

I need help I just wanna play miitopia i’m gonna cry

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