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Repair and disassembly information for the fourth-gen iPad Pro 12.9". Announced and released in March of 2020. Model A2229.

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For what exactly do you need a laminating machine?

Hi, recently I disovered screen-only repairs. Specifically on the channel of Cambo fixing. Because I have seen him laminating screens, I wanted to ask what exactly the purpose of laminating is.

I just can not get behind the purpose of laminating and I would like to know if it is necessary, as I just know that these laminating machines are very expensive.

I’ve done a few repairs of Apple watches, iPhones and iPads but all of them had broken LCDs or the Digitizer was not glued to the LCD so they were fairly easy to change.

Thanks for your replies!

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The glass and the display panel are actually completely glued to each other, eliminating air gap so you touch what you see, reduces reflection and scattering, also it makes the display stronger and less likely to break.

If it does break however, you end up with a glued mess that needs professional skills and tools to separate and reassemble without ruining it for good.

If you don’t clean up the residual glue and use a laminating machine to glue everything back together, the screen will look like someone just puked on it.

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So just to make everything clear. If you want to combine a LCD Panel and the Glass on it, you glue them together, put them in the lamination machine to strengthen the glue . Then you put the phone in the “de-bubble” zero pressure chamber. That should be it, right?


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