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Repair and disassembly information for the fourth-gen iPad Pro 12.9". Announced and released in March of 2020. Model A2229.

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Found iCloud locked device is there anyway to bypass iCloud lock?

I recently found a iPad pro 12.9” iPad 4th generation with magic keyboard. I have made attempts to find out who owns the dam thing. It seems to be activation locked. Its less then 30 days old apparently. It would be a shame to have to throw away a perfectly good iPad. Is there ANY way to bypass iCloud activation lock screen? I saw on YouTube someone was talking about replacing the so called logic board to get past iCloud activation lock. they also mentioned that somehow the serial number was infused into the iPad somehow. can someone please shed some light on this topic?

Update (12/07/2020)

Ya so I ended up finding another one just like mine for sale that was dropped very hard and the screen smashed.

I am wondering if they all have the same logic board motherboard A21 something inside of them. what would need to be swapped to make it a clean imei again. the new broken one has iCloud unlocked for sure.

Mine is a cellular version and the other one is not. are they different?

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Hmm... there has been in the past some differences, due to the need of a SIM card reader in cellular and non- cellular iPads. Check iFixits guide, that may help?


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Hello, yes you would be correct in that you cannot just remove Activation Lock, as iCloud status for apple devices are kept on apples servers (assigned by IMEI/Serial Number). So knowing this unless you have details, or previous password initially, resetting it puts it in a state of activation lock.

Some sites claim to be able to remove it, but no guarantees are made and it is known not to work - I would avoid them.

You could look into buying a replacement logic board for your device, but they will be hard to come by as the device is very new, and will be costly. Alternatively, if trying to prevent it going to waste, you could harvest the screen and other parts. I would also above all recommend you go online and try your best to locate the previous owner, and if can’t be done through the device put a report or something out, as these devices are very expensive and would have cost the owner just around (and sometimes even more) $2000 with the magic keyboard. Hope this all helps!

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To add to this contact Apple they can help in getting the original owner to contact you to get their iPad back.


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