Kindle - frozen screen and reset not working


I have a Kindle (Paperwhite unsure which version) and after a few days not in use, it is not responsive anymore. It looks like the screen is frozen but not in the normal “screen saver” display but on the reboot picture or starting page (kid with a tree). Beside the described picture, it does not contain any loading bar or any other form of text. If I click on the power button, nothing happens.

First, I thought the battery might be empty and hence I tried to charge it. If I plug it in, the orange LED lids up. I charged it for a decent amount of time (during which the LED is always on) but it did not solve the problem. Still no life in the kindle.

Second, I tried to reset the kindle by pressing the power button for ~10 seconds. After the 10 seconds the LED blinks orange three or four times but nothing happens.

Last but not least, I opened up the kindle to disconnect and reconnect the battery with hope this might help but it also did not solve the issue.

Do you have any idea what I could try or do in order to fix the problem?

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