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The Mozart Magic Cube, Serial Number: 3528203101, Model Number 03101, is the 2008-2012 version of the musical baby toy by Munchkin Inc.

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How to remove a stuck battery cartridge

After removing the battery cover, the cartridge is stuck in the toy, no matter how hard I pull with my fingers.

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(This is with the newer model — not the one depicted in the image.) I could not pull the battery cartridge out with my fingers. I wound up using a pair of vise-grip pliers to grasp the cartridge “handle” — with the pliers gripping the short ends of the handle. Just be careful to adjust the pliers so they don’t crack the handle — use just enough force.

By the way, I called Munchkin first, and they suggested using a flat-head screwdriver around the edges — didn’t work. However, the support rep said if that didn’t work, they would provide a free one-time courtesy replacement.

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