White screen, external screen works [A1534]

This is the second 12” Macbook A1534 to get my hands on with the same problem!

MacBook boots to white screen with chime, nothing else. External monitor shows login screen and works perfectly. Replacing the LCD flat cable does not change the symptoms at all.

Which one would you bet is faulty? Screen, logic board or this mysterious board between logic board and screen?

Usually if external screen works but internal doesn’t I jump to conclusion of a faulty screen but I’ve heard theories that the video chips on these MacBook’s can have a specific problem where external screen works and internal doesn’t. Sounds weird to me but at this point I’m clueless and I need advice from technicians who are experienced with this model which is a less common product.

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Using a flashlight pressed against the screen at a sharp angle are you able to see the desktop and it's icons?

If you do that's tell's us the backlight logic and connection to the display needs to be checked.

If not then the video lines from the display need to be looked at.

Did you try running the onboard diagnostics? Restart the system and press the D key to enter.


Hey Dan, good to see you in the comments again. The screen is completely white so holding a flashlight is not going to reveal anything. I think you're assuming the dark-screen-with-dead-backlight problem but that's not the case here.

I'll try onboard diagnostics later. I doubt that will tell me anything but should not be skipped. Maybe the system itself detects a video problem.


@capacitor - Sorry, I had a nice fresh cup of coffee sitting in front of me, guess I really needed it.


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