Non working keyboard/trackpad (MBP Mid 2010 15")

The internal keyboard and trackpad of my MBP Mid 2010 15" suddenly stopped working about 5 years ago, together with the bluetooth. It was working fine before I went to bed. By the time I woke up, I am unable to use the keyboard and trackpad. All three are not detected by the system. I have been rocking a bluetooth keyboard and mouse ever since.

Last week, I reinstalled macOS to the SSD which left me needing to reset the SMC (battery not charging/MagSafe stuck at green). At first, I was unsuccessful in resetting the SMC using my bluetooth keyboard. Then I tried resetting the SMC using the internal keyboard which worked for me, which would suggest that it is still somehow working.

Am I having a software issue wherein the keyboard, trackpad and bluetooth are all not being detected by the system?

PS: Battery is not bloated. Tried keyboard/trackpad replacement, no luck.

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