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D1760-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Home phone with caller ID.

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My phone's "Global" setting doesn't list/show a "VMWI"

my phone's "Global" setting doesn't list/show a "VMWI" setting and other things I've tried that have been recommended like holding down the "Find" for 10 seconds (or more till it stops beeping) only works for an hour or so.

and unplugging the phone first or not, doesn't help either. so what to do?

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Hi @a440

What is the make and model number of the phone?

Is the phone's base station connected to a telephone line or is it connected to a modem so that the service works over the internet connection?



Hi thanks for your response. The phone is Uniden "Detect" 6.0 and it is not

an answering machine -- it's a phone with 3 auxiliary phones The main phone

is plugged into my provider's router/modem (Comcast) phone outlet.

the auxiliary phones are plugged into regular electric wall outlets. I've tried all the solutions offered on this site and nothing works. My phones "global settings" don't show/offer a VMWI setting.



Hi there,

I don't know why you're not responding to my latest info I provided for you.

I could be using this platform incorrectly. I'm elderly and not as sharp as I used to be and wish I was. My phone is a Uniden DCX 150 and it is not

an answering maching. I have the base/with phone plugged into the Comcast/Xfinity modem, and 3 aux. phones plugged into reg. wall outlets

(I have the Comcast voice mail service on and I've tested it -- left messages, and retrieved them, deleted them, etc. and that works. It's just the red blinking light on all phones that won't stopping blinking -- when I press

the "find" button and listen to the repetitice 3 sets of beeps, the red blinking light goes out for an hour or so, and they mysteriously comes back on.

I have tried everything I read on this forum, EXCEPT FOR resetting the

"Scatter tones" which some people have written that has worked for them.

I don't even know how to do this,


@jayeff Hi

here's more info: I was on the phone with a Comcast tech for over an hour yesterday and the day before that (2 different techs, each went through a length troubleshooting and nothing worked, and the techs said they knew what "Scatter Tones" were, but they didn't sound certain. 2 techs on the phone call support and NO FIX. Tomorrow, I have a service tech coming to my home (the 2nd one) to try to fix the problem, when I feel certain the problem is at the Comcast system, and not anything in my apartment and my equipment. I thinking of

purchasing another phone (with auxiliary phone) but I fear the same problem will arise with the new phone and I'll just be wasting more time and money on this problem.


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Hi @a440

Unfortunately there a lot of different Uniden DECT 6.0 models and they don’t all have to same user operating menus.

DECT 6.0 is just the signalling protocol that is used by the phone handset and base station to communicate between the phone and its base station - i.e. Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications Version 6.0

The actual model number should be shown on the phone somewhere, perhaps in the battery compartment or even in/under the charging cradle.

If you get what as known as "stutter" dial tone when you go to make a call it means that there is a call in your Voicemail mailbox and maybe that is why the message indicator is on. Have you checked that there are no messages in your Voicemail mailbox?

If you don’t have a Voicemail service with your phone service, then perhaps it has been switched on accidentally by the service provider. I had this happen to my service when the service provider upgraded the equipment that my service was connected to. It automatically turned on the voicemail service to everyone affected by the upgrade, whether they had the feature or not before. I had to contact them to turn it off on my service as I don’t use it so as to get rid of the indicator.

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Hi there,

I was able to determine the model of the phone (DTX 150) I've tried everything re the answers on this site, and also what I could do when signed

into my Comcast-Ixfinity account, plus having a service call from a Comcast

technician, in my home....AND NOTHING HAS WORKED.

any more suggesstions?




Hi @a440

I couldn't find any information at all for a Uniden DTX150 so is it perhaps a Uniden DCX150?

If so then the manual is not very forthcoming about what settings are available.

Do you have Voicemail on your phone service, you didn't say? If so did the Comcast tech turn it off just to check if the new message LED turned off at all?

Also check what settings are available when you press Menu/Select and scroll to Handset setup (press Menu/Select again to enter the menus. hopefully there may be a 'reset" option in there.

What is the make and model number of the Comcast modem that the phone base station is connected to ? This would also help as then I could look at all its settings menus as well.


Hi @a440 ,

You haven't said whether or not you have a Voicemail service on your landline service.

This shows how to access all the Comcast Voicemail menu options from your phone, if you have the feature that is.

This may also be of some help as it shows how to disable Comcast Xfinity voicemail (scroll down to find it on the page) so that you can check if it is the cause of the problem.


Hi @a440 ,

I missed an "answer" that you posted on the 28/11/2020 verifying the model number of the phone and also saying that the Comcast tech couldn't find the problem, as it wasn't attached to your question on this page but was at the bottom of a question on another page about the same problem but with a different model phone

So did they (or you) try disabling the Voicemail service to see if the problem stopped? This is only to prove whether it is the cause or not. You most probably will have to set it all up again afterwards.

Also what is the make and model number of the Comcast modem?

For some reason it is sending out the signal to the phone to turn on the light.


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