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The 2014 edition of the Kindle, part of the 7th generation, includes a touchscreen and same form-factor as the Kindle Paperwhite, but lacks the backlight.

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How can I repair my kindle's screen?


so I have an 8th generation Kindle (iFixit only let’s me mark the publication as 7th generation), and the screen stopped working one day in which I bended it a little bit accidentally. The device still works, it’s only the screen what doesn’t display content properly. I adjunt a video showing the problem, please watch it to understand:

My question is how can I repair it? Maybe changing the screen will be enough?

I want to repair it. I hate throwing away stuff and this waste culture we have.

I have already tried resetting it. The model number is SY69JL.

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Have you tried restarting it?


yes. it stays the same.


Hi @greensunn

What is the model number of the tablet?

Kindles can and do vary and to get the correct screen you need to have the exact model number and not go just rely on the model name and/or generation to find a replacement


@jayeff hey, the model number is SY69JL.


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Hi @greensunn ,

Couldn’t find a screen replacement guide or teardown video for your model but found this video that shows how to replace the battery in your model, which at least will help you to open the tablet so that possibly the screen connections can be checked and the screen can be replaced if necessary. Although it looks like the screen is mounted on the systemboard somehow so this may be very difficult.

Also I couldn’t find a replacement screen online either. Hopefully you may have better luck.

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